Super Waterproof Tape Stop Leaks Seal Repair Garden Hose Water Bonding Tube Pipe Pool Rescue Adhesive Insulating Duct Fix Tape

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Product Description:

Super Waterproof

It can be used to repair leaks in pipes, roofs, pools, fuel tanks, etc., It issuitable for various liquids

includingfreshwater, seawater, rainwater, gasoline, diesel, etc.

Super Sticky

Made of high polymer synthetic butyl rubber, with extremelystrong adhesion, suitable for various surfaces.

Resistant to High Pressure

After testing, it can effectivelyresist the pressure of 3bar.

High & Low temperature Resistance Capable of withstandingup to 120 degrees Celsiusand maintaining viscosity atlow temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius.

Flame Retardant, Fire-resistant, Corrosion-resistant,

UV resistant

Pure aluminum surface, can effectively flame retardant and anti-corrosion, the smooth pure aluminum film has bettersun protection and cooling effect

Environmentally Friendly & Degradable

The main ingredient is synthesized fromnatural rubber, which can be degraded by microorganisms in the natural environment and hasno pollution to the vironment.

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