Refrigerator Drain Hole Clog Remover Dredge Cleaning Set Flexible Refrigerator Scrub Brush Water Dredging Tool Cleaning Brush

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High adaptability - Suitable for all brand refrigerators, freezer
display cabinets, and wine cabinets.
Safe material - Adopt new medical-grade transparent new
materials, not turbid recycled waste.
Easy to use - No need to power off during use to avoid food
Reusable - Large capacity dredging pipe that can be used
Practical Design - The front oblique cut design can easily insert
the drain pipe for dredging, provides a better result.
Feed the flexible stem (brush end first) into the tubing and
gently scrub the inside while working the brush back out. And
then insert the oblique socket of the pipe into the drain hole.
Inject hot water (158-176 F}to flush out the blockage in the
drain. If you encounter obstacles when inserting the tube, you
should continue to drive hot water to melt ice.

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