New Ins Creative Kitchen Dish Bowl Cleaning Sponge Brush Custom Compressed Natural Wood Pulp Cotton Cellulose Sponge

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Product Size:
With the proper size, it’s suitable to hold with hands. 
Tomato: 3.22"*2.75"; 
Pea: 2.55"*6.69"; 
Cat: 2.28"*4.02"; 
Cow: 3.42"*3.15";
Penguin: 3.42"*3.15".
Magical Property:
In the state of water absorption, the compressed wood pulp sponges become soft and elastic immediately, while they turn hardened and tough again after drying. 
It is pretty easy to wipe away dirt without leaving scratches with our sponges. After using the sponges, rinse them with water, place them in the dry and clean area, they will dry quickly and won’t stink.
The sponges are not only applied for kitchen, but also ideal to clean windows, cars. 
It is soft and will not scratch the surface.
Our cleaning and scrubbing sponges are long lasting and made with the highest quality material, which is durable and saf emicrofiber. 
We ensure the sponges are free of harmful chemicals.

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