Microfiber Flat Floor Mop Hands-Free Self Wringing Easy Washing Dry Wet Cleaning Telescopic Stainless Stee 180 Degrees Cleaner

Sale price3.000BHD


*1. Mop Type: flat
*2. Rod Length: 140 cm
*3. Mop Pad Size: 12 x 40 cm
*4. Mop Pad Material: microfiber
*5. Rod Material: stainless steel
*6. Size: 59 x 15 x7 cm

*1.You don't need to touch the mop pad directly, add a scrapper to remove the stains on the mop pad, and to squeeze the water Out,
*2. Flexible joint cooperates with the flat head, enabling the
mop to reach dead corners in your home, under the bed, sofa,tea table, and more.
*3. Super-absorbent microfiber mop pad collects water stains on the floor fast and thoroughly, and you can use it dry or wet for sweeping and mopping, come in 2 pads for replacement.
*4. Thickened stainless steel explosion-proof rod, not rusty, not bending, very durable.
*5. The storage space is small, and it is stored in a small
corner and does not occupy space.

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