Invisible Sensor Lock EMID IC Card Drawer Digital Cabinet Intelligent Electronic Locks For Wardrobe Furniture

Sale price4.800BHD



1.Two Unlock Modes: Use card to unlock(this is perfect to use at home); User card + Management card to unlock(this is perfect to use at business, such as hotel, massage etc).
2.This Electronic Cabinet Lock Kit Set is used for cabinet, drawer, locker, storage box and etc. for household or business: supermarket, sauna club, gym, swimming stadiums, library, factory and office.
3.Use ID card to touch outside of cabinet, it lock will flick and open the door(Note: the tag only can be used for Max.2.5cm thick door, the ID card can be used for Max.4.5cm thick door).
4.It can provide good safety protection of your personal items while protecting your privacy. It also can improve children's safety at home, avoid your children or kids free to open the drawers or cabinet doors.
5.About the battery, when the card is touched, if there is a long beep after unlocking, it means that the battery voltage is insufficient. At this time, the lock can be used about 50 times. Please replace the battery in time.
Color: Gray
Material : ABS plastic
Master lock:86*63*28mm
Our NAIERDI sensor lock comes with 1 ID card and 3 User Cards for free while other brands locks with similar function only come 2 user cards!
We can add more user cards if buyer needs it, too! Just contact our customer service before ordering!

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