Exfoliating Gloves, Body Exfoliator Scrubbers for Use In Shower or Bath, Deep Exfoliation Glove, Premium Scrub Wash

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*1.PACKAGE INCLUDED -- 1 Back scrubber (33.5 * 3.6inch) + 1 Exfoliating mitt (9 * 5.5inch) + 1 Bath sponges(4.8 * 4.8inch).
*2.EFFECT -- Shower scrubber thoroughly remove dirt and blockage of pores, remove dry and dead skin layer, eliminate and prevent acne on the back, relieve itching caused by dry skin accumulation, help promote blood circulation, make skin young, healthy and shiny. Suitable for all skin types.
*3.EXPERIENCE -- The back scrubber, the exfoliating glove and the bath sponges make you have three different experiences, which can make your body get rid of the dead angle of 360 degrees. For example, you can enjoy the scrubbing feeling brought by the rough surface of the rubbing back scrubber and the rubbing glove, and also enjoy the softness of the high-quality loofah.
*4.SUITABLE SIZE + MORE FOAM -- A rough exfoliating brush is long and wide enough to reach the entire back so you don't have to bend over. Frosted gloves are suitable for all hand shapes and can be firmly wrapped around your hand.
*5.DURABLE -- Machine washable and durable, even after years of cleaning, our rear scrubber can still meet your exfoliating needs.
Size: After scrubber (33.5 * 3.6 inches) exfoliating gloves (9 * 5.5 inches) bath sponge (4.8 * 4.8 inches)
Color: pink, lake blue, turmeric, brick red(Random) 
Weight: 100g/set
Material: plant fiber
1. All pictures have been professionally color-calibrated, but due to the different ambient light and different display device settings, the pictures you see and the items themselves may have some deviations, please understand.
The Package Includes:
After Scrubber * 1
Exfoliating Gloves * 1
Bath Sponge * 1

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