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*1. The sharp stainless steel liner blades and internal parts can
achieve rapid and uniform grinding, clean and durable, and long
use time;
*2. The visualized transparent protective cover can observe the
grinding situation during the grinding process,
*3. The built-in adjustable grinding function can ensure precise
control of the thickness of coffee beans;
*4. Very suitable for grinding coffee beans, nuts, grains, herbs,
spices, etc., saving your energy and time
*5. With a brush, it can be cleaned easily and conveniently.
Material: stainless steel + ABBS
Size: 198*94cm
Product capacity: 50g
Rated voltage: 220V-240V
Rated power: 150W
Frequency: 50HZ
Plug type: European standard/British standard/American standard/Australian standard
Package weight: about 750g
Grinding instructions: only supports grinding dry ingredients
Operating instructions: In order to ensure the life of the machine, after working for 30-60 seconds, stop appropriately for about 1 minute to prevent the motor from overheating.
Note: Do not clean the interior directly with water after use, and wipe the interior with a dry cloth!

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