3 in 1 Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer Rack Folding Slippers Holder

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1. 3 in 1 Folding Shoe Rack: With unique folding design, it provide more possible space saving solution for your shoes even if a corner or the door. You can place 3 pairs of shoes with 1 rack.

2. Multifunctional Organizer Rack: This is not just a bathroom slippers rack, but also a multi-functional organizer rack, which can be a hanger for many things, such as towel, washcloth, hangers, clothes, etc.

3. Easy Installation: NO TOOLS, NO DRILLING, NO SCREWS, NO HOLES. Very easy to install, make your home look more classy. This self adhesive shoes storage holder is connected to a smooth wall by Acrylic adhesive.

4. Waterproof Shoes Hanger: It can be used in bathroom and kitchroom. Powerful magic paste suitable for smooth surface, with no trace of the nail nail to make more firm.

5. Wide Application: The hanging organizers can be widely used in hanging on the door, bathroom, kitchen room, living room and other places.

Type: Shoes Shelf
Material: ABS
Color: Gray, Pink, Green(Optional) 
Size:28.5cm x 6cm x 4 cm
Expanded length:72cm
Weight :180g

How To Install:
1. Choose a smooth surface, clean it with a clean towel and make it clean;
2. Tear the protective film of the adhesive tape;
3. Stick the adhesive tape to the back of the slippers rack;
4. Press the slippers rack hard on the connected surface for 15 seconds and use it after an hour.

Warm Tips:
1. Clean the surface with a clean towel, make sure the surface is smooth and clean before sticking the slippers rack;
2. Make sure you have chosen a right position for this slippers rack before you finally stick it to the smooth surface, as this adhesive tape is very sticky on the smooth surface;

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