15 PCS Biodegradable Garbage Trash Bag Home Kitchen Dustbin Bin

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Convenient drawstring handles
Our strong drawstring handles on our trash can
custom fit liners are easy to lift, tie the bag off
and carry it to the trash can without breaking or
Extra strong and durable
Our liners are made from extra-durable plastic
with thick double seams to prevent rips and
tears. They are extra strong to keep the garbage
in the bag not on the floor or the bottom of your
trash can.
One at a time
Our handy dispenser packs have a perforated
opening for easy dispensing. They also fit
perfectly into our cans with liner pockets for
dispensing liners one by one from inside the can
for a faster liner change.
Product description:
Material: PE
Package Included
1 rolls of garbage bags (15 in total)

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